Urban Planning and Environmental Law

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Andersen Tax & Legal's Planning Law Team has extensive experience rendering recurrent planning law advice to developers, planners, and builders, including local, regional and national entities. Our services encompass each of the areas that Planning Law, including: urban planning, drafting and amending planning instruments, urban planning, actions intended to enforce directly and indirectly managed urban plans (both public and private), setting up collaborating urban entities, and writing and processing equitable land distribution projects. In town planning matters, we assist our clients in taking the steps required to ensure the implementation of intended land usage and/or activity. This includes advising on disciplinary proceedings and on proceedings leading to the restoration of infringed planning regulations.

We can advise in due diligence reviews and assist sellers in their planning transactions. To this end, we use data rooms and cutting-edge technologies, striving to offer our clients maximum legal certainty in their dealings.

The Environmental Law team is very experienced in environmental law matters, advising on applications for environmental approvals and licenses. We also advise on matters related to waste management and treatment, polluted land, environmental reviews (in the context of corporate transactions), and administrative and judicial cases.


  • Advice on town planning, development and urban management provisions, land management, contracts concerning design, architecture, building and project management, construction, marketing and finance.
  • Advice on the processing of alterations to town planning and changes to planning status.
  • Preparation of reports and legal opinions on town planning matters.
  • Drafting of submissions in relation to planning and development provisions.
  • Representation in proceedings relating to town planning and regulations.
  • Advice on the obtaining of licenses, permits and public concessions.
  • Advice on tourist and leisure facilities.
  • Advice on processing of licenses for rural properties.
  • Ongoing advice.

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