Anti-Trust Law and EU Law

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Both the Spanish and Community competition authorities apply active policies to ensure compliance with the free competition regulations, which apply to all commercial activities.

Andersen Tax & Legal advises its clients on cases related to cartels and abuse of dominant positions, as well as all other competition-related aspects derived from mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, public aid and commercial and electronic distributions.


  • Defending national and international clients in sanctioning procedures before both national competition authorities and the European Commission, including the negotiation of commitments and representation in any possible appeals before the courts, national and EU.
  • Advising in relation to collusive agreements, cartels and abuses of dominant positions, including the review of commercial agreements (distribution, purchasing networks, parallel imports), advice during inspections carried out by competition authorities, requests for clemency, preparing complaints and compliance programmes.
  • Advice regarding control of concentrations, including notification of economic concentration before the CNMC or the European Commission; self-assessment of agreements with a view to minimising risks; advice regarding strategic alliances and joint ventures; negotiation of commitments and divestment obligations, advice on opposition proceedings; representation and defence in infringement procedures.
  • Representation and defence of our clients’ interests in legal proceedings for damages arising from infringements of the Competition Law.
  • Advice regarding State aid, including the preparation of complaints regarding the granting of illegal aid, procedures for recovery and compatibility of State aid.
  • Advice in relation to fundamental freedoms of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFUE), in relation to the freedom of establishment and provision of services, free movement of goods and capital, and free movement of persons, and in the transposition of EU Law in Spain.
  • Advice in relation to sectoral research and legislative proposals relating to regulated sectors and those of general interest.
  • Advice on unfair competition and illicit publicity.
  • Advice on customs law, rules of origin and foreign trade.


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