Public and Regulatory Law

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In the field of public law Andersen Tax & Legal has wide experience and provides specialist legal advice, both to private individuals and companies and the public authorities and the public sector.

Our advice includes writing reports, taking part in negotiations, drafting contracts, as well as providing legal defence to our clients in all administrative proceedings as well as in contentious-administrative files in the different scopes of our practice (urban planning, public contracts, compulsory expropriations, public service, administrative organization and local governing rules, assets held by public administrations, subsidies, infrastructures, regulated sectors, etc.).

Public services

Public procurement

  • Preparation of reports and legal opinions on the regulations governing public procurement.
  • Proceedings before the public authorities and in the administrative law courts.
  • Due Diligences.
  • Preparation of individual procurement specifications.
  • Classification procedures.
  • Legal advice for the implementation of models of private sector involvement in the development of public infrastructure projects (PSI).
  • Special appeals in public procurement matters.

Compulsory purchase

  • Preparation of reports.
  • Legal representation in compulsory purchase procedures.
  • Proceedings before the public authorities and the courts.
  • Advice in dealings with local compulsory purchase boards in determination of compensation.
  • Advice and handling of appraisal reports in compulsory purchase procedures.
  • Attendance at initial hearings and negotiation of agreements.
  • Advice on drafts of joint valuations.
  • Advice to beneficiaries of compulsory purchase orders.
  • Advice on revaluation procedures.
  • Advice on reversion procedures.


  • Preparation of individual procurement specifications.
  • Representation before the public authorities in bidding procedures.
  • Experience in projects for highways, railways, ports, airports, public buildings, hospitals, energy recycling plants, etc.

Claims for damages against the public authorities

  • Preparation of reports.
  • Claims for damages before the public authorities.
  • Proceedings before the public authorities and the courts.

Regulatory Law services

In regulatory matters we have experience in matters of water resources, coasts, ports, transport, telecommunications, energy, health, trading, etc.

  • Preparation of reports on specific matters.
  • Processing of permits, authorisations and concessions.

Andersen Tax & Legal provides legal advice on environmental matters, advising on the obtaining of environmental permits and authorisations, the carrying out of Due Diligences and also provides auditing services to clients reviewing their legal-environmental position or providing environmental impact studies, the introduction and operation of integrated waste management services, etc.

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