Restructuring and Insolvency

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Corporate operations represent a huge milestone for a Company and its shareholders and currently constitute one of the most frequent ways to gain competitiveness, reduce the level of stagnation or initiate a process of internationalisation, among other things. Andersen Tax & Legal, being aware of that, contributes with that added value to the Client, providing a highly qualified financial and strategic service, through its Transaction Services & Restructuring team (TS&R).

Andersen Tax & Legal’s TS&R team advises with the execution of all types of corporate finance operations: M&A operations, company valuations, investment projects, search of industrial and/or financial partners, restructuring plans, etc. Andersen Tax & Legal participates in the entire transaction process, from its design and planning to its execution and closing.

Our main objective is to identify and implement an optimal solution from a financial and strategic point of view, in accordance with the particularities and necessities of each client, which consequently makes this area a differentiating element of all the services provided by Andersen Tax & Legal.


Corporate restructuring

  • Creation and implementation of viability proposals with credit institutions and suppliers to achieve optimal economic-financial and asset structuring.
  • Adoption of employment measures designed to adapt the enterprise's production and organisational structure to new conditions.
  • Implementation of judicial and non-judicial procedures.
  • Out-of-court agreements and insolvency proceedings.
  • Sale of assets, production lines and units.
  • Legal representation and advice in domestic and international insolvency proceedings.

Debt recovery

  • Analysis of debtor's solvency.
  • Advice on the negotiation of contracts and the obtaining of security for the protection of credit rights.
  • Advice on negotiating with companies in difficulties.
  • Legal enforcement of credit rights in both individual and insolvency proceedings.

Acquisition of companies and assets

  • Carrying out of Due Diligences in sale and purchase operations.
  • Advice throughout the acquisition process, domestic or international, reducing the legal risks of acquisitions.
  • Defence against insolvency asset recovery actions.

Liability of directors and managers

  • Analysis and prevention of conduct involving corporate, tax or criminal liability.
  • Legal representation in cases of liability of official or de facto company directors.

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